Our Story

The Story

City Times is a family-owned entity with a large portfolio of Watch brands in Iraq. Thanks to its brand strategy and the vision of Mr. Osama Al Dabagh, City Times has enjoyed a steady expansion since its inception in the late 1960s.

At the group, we believe that each employee contributes to the growth and success of the company, and this is evident with the strong and loyal workforce of 50-plus employees, some of whom have been with the organization since 1980.

City Times is one of the largest distributors of Branded watches in Iraq. We offer consumer-class watches and accessories. From a humble beginning of a single store in the 1960s, today City Times portfolio’ consists of over 15 prestigious brands across 40 locations in Iraq.

The first City Times shop had its origin in Baghdad. As the business venture grew from a single shop in Baghdad to a formidable network of close to 40 elegant retail stores in Iraq, City Times maintained thier focus by offering quality watches to an array of clients.

City Times has exclusive franchise agreements with the world’s leading watch companies and has emerged as the most reliable distributor offering over 15 varieties of luxury watch brands under one roof.

What started as passion over 60 years ago is today an Empire that brings affordable luxury and honesty to the hearts of watch collectors all over Iraq.

The Value
City Times has continuously enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the region as a leading retailer and distributor of luxury watches.Passion, trust, honesty and perseverance have contributed to the relationship that we enjoy today, with both our brands and consumers. It took the passion of one man to start a legacy, which has produced not only an outstanding portfolio of brands but generations of watch connoisseurs.

The Mission
Our mission is to diversify our business portfolio in Iraq and retain our position as leaders in the Watch & Jewellery industry.

T he Vision
Our vision is to become Iraq’s ultimate place:

  • To continuously provide impeccable service to our principal brands
  • To find world-class and exquisitely designed watches and jewellery
  • To create a unique shopping experience
  • To achieve the highest level of customer service
  • To empower our employees and recognize each employee’s contribution

Trust and Honesty
City Times is determined to maintain and expand the excellent relationship that it enjoys with our principal brands. Our long term success is based on the reputation that the company has built over the past 6 decades. Trust and honesty has always been and will continue to be the foundation of all our business endeavors. From just one brand – EDOX watches - to a vast portfolio of the best watch brands, the company has attracted some of the biggest names in the watch industry. Today, we are proud to be the sole distributor of these amazing brands, most of which are synonymous with watch making.

World Class Design
With the vast portfolio of over 15 brands, it is easy to see why City Times houses some of the most innovative time pieces. Each brand is a masterpiece in its own right. With intricate designs and innovative time pieces, we cater to a vast array of clients. Whether you are a teenager looking for the latest “Smart” watch, or a high profile industry professional, we have designs and brands to suite every taste. These brands continuously evolve and each symbolizes the perfection of their craftsmen. At City Times, we are proud to be associated with these truly global brands.


“Our performance is inspired by our goal to become the strongest luxury lifestyle retailer and distributor in the Iraq. This is made possible by offering the finest international brands of lasting value and high emotional appeal in ideal environments.

Of course, we are always committed to the highest standards of service on all levels of our business.What also sets us apart is our dedicated team of professionals and the passion for excellence we have in common. Every employee within the City Times structure contributes to our overall success, all working towards being recognized by customers and peers as the benchmark in retail and distribution.

There’s a positive vibe in the marketplace that we are welcoming with open arms. The Middle East continues to be a very important market for the luxury industry and we only see that demand growing in the coming years. We look forward to new and different opportunities in Iraq.”

Osama Al Dabagh

City Time Company
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